Sunday, June 3, 2012

Natural Hair in the NY Times???

Hola my loves!!!!

So I'm sitting  here waiting for my sister to come pick me up and I start browsing facebook. Normally I do a quick scan and I keep it moving. But today I stopped in my tracks when I saw the title:
Black Women's Transitions to Natural Hair. Of course I had to click the link and see what this was all about...

To my complete surprise the article and video was from the NY Times. The NY Times??? Talking about natural hair??? Ok now THIS I gotta read. For centuries, the NY Times has been upon the "upper echelon" of newspapers and not necessarily the #1 paper of choice in most (if not all) communities of color. I mean let's be honest, how may of our local corner stores, bodegas, 7-11s, Wawa's and the like actually sell the Times? Growing up in NYC I never once read the Times until I left the Boogie Down (Bronx, NY) and began to travel to the Upper West Side of Manhattan where I went to high school (s/o to Martin Luther King lol). I remember being in science class as a freshman and hearing my teacher tell us that we needed to read the NY Times for an assignment. The NY Times??? What about the Daily News or the Post??? Now those were papers I was familiar with lol. Anyway, on my way home I remember stopping at one of the newsstands outside the subway and picking up a copy of the Times. This paper was 75 cents!!! WHAT KIND OF FANCY PAPER IS THIS??? was my initial thought lol. Though I didn't read the newspaper very often I knew that the paper only cost 25 cents, now they were asking me to spend an extra 50 cents on a paper I would basically thumb through???


This was gonna be a trip!!! LOL....anyway, I said all that to say that for so long the NY Times has been known for the best reporting on world news and views so to see any sort of mention of natural hair was a pleasant surprise. I was a little nervous at first because I didn't know what to expect but

The op-ed piece and video attachment documents the unintentional transitioning of Nigerian born, Britain raised filmmaker Zina Saro-Wiwa. Check out the article and learn about this new wave of black women embracing their natural curls and loving it!!!


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