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It's been way too long since I've blogged. At the constant prodding of some naturalistas I'm making a comeback so bear with me as I revamp the site and bring you all things natural hair...Love you chicas!!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

NYC Area June Meetups

Hola chicas!!!! Looking for something to do this month? Here are a few events geared specifically toward us beautiful natural hair beauties...

Darker Than Brown (June) Monthly Dinner! 

When: Saturday, June 9, 2012
Time: 4:30 pm
More Info: here

Chic & Kinky's Annual Natural's Night Out
When: Sunday June 10, 2012
Where: Midtown Loft & Terrace
Time: 12pm-8pm
More info: here

June Dinner with Curlfriends

When: Saturday June 16, 2012
Where: Marx
Time: 5pm
More info: here

Register for these events and join in on the fun. Hope to see you there!!!!!!!!!!

Natural Hair in the NY Times???

Hola my loves!!!!

So I'm sitting  here waiting for my sister to come pick me up and I start browsing facebook. Normally I do a quick scan and I keep it moving. But today I stopped in my tracks when I saw the title:
Black Women's Transitions to Natural Hair. Of course I had to click the link and see what this was all about...

To my complete surprise the article and video was from the NY Times. The NY Times??? Talking about natural hair??? Ok now THIS I gotta read. For centuries, the NY Times has been upon the "upper echelon" of newspapers and not necessarily the #1 paper of choice in most (if not all) communities of color. I mean let's be honest, how may of our local corner stores, bodegas, 7-11s, Wawa's and the like actually sell the Times? Growing up in NYC I never once read the Times until I left the Boogie Down (Bronx, NY) and began to travel to the Upper West Side of Manhattan where I went to high school (s/o to Martin Luther King lol). I remember being in science class as a freshman and hearing my teacher tell us that we needed to read the NY Times for an assignment. The NY Times??? What about the Daily News or the Post??? Now those were papers I was familiar with lol. Anyway, on my way home I remember stopping at one of the newsstands outside the subway and picking up a copy of the Times. This paper was 75 cents!!! WHAT KIND OF FANCY PAPER IS THIS??? was my initial thought lol. Though I didn't read the newspaper very often I knew that the paper only cost 25 cents, now they were asking me to spend an extra 50 cents on a paper I would basically thumb through???


This was gonna be a trip!!! LOL....anyway, I said all that to say that for so long the NY Times has been known for the best reporting on world news and views so to see any sort of mention of natural hair was a pleasant surprise. I was a little nervous at first because I didn't know what to expect but

The op-ed piece and video attachment documents the unintentional transitioning of Nigerian born, Britain raised filmmaker Zina Saro-Wiwa. Check out the article and learn about this new wave of black women embracing their natural curls and loving it!!!


Thursday, May 31, 2012

Chic and Kinky presents: 2nd Annual Natural's Night Out

The good folks over at chicandkinky.com presents....

Join naturalistas from near & far as we celebrate all things natural hair!!!! With sponsors like Jane Carter Solutions, Design Essentials, EDENS Body Works, Beautiful Textures, CURLS, Curl Max & Curls Unleashed this is sure to be a great event. 

Date: Sunday, June 10, 2012
Time: 12pm-8pm
Place: Midtown Loft & Terrace
Cost: $20

For more details go to chicandkinky.com
To purchase your ticket click here (deadline to purchase tickets June 8, 2012) 


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kinky Curly Coily Me Meetup Review

Hey my loves....

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend a great meetup: Dinner with the CurlFriends! A PINK & BLACK Affair sponsored by Jenell of kinkycurlycoilyme.com. The event was held at BESO a new restaurant in the Bed-Stuy section of Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Beso

So let's get into the review.........

First of all, the turnout was absolutely amazing!!! There were at least 50 beautiful naturalistas from all over packed into the small restaurant.

The restaurant itself was actually very nice, it's an intimate space more suited for a night out w/ a few girlfriends versus a full out dinner and meetup event. The wait service could have been better and the humidity was almost unbearable at times but the good company, food, generous giveaways and delightful demeanor of the host (Jenell) more than made up for the shortcomings. Additionally, the venue has only been open for about 4 months, needless to see the owner is still finding her way and trying to establish the place.

Next up....there were amazing giveaways!!! Upon entering the restaurant everyone was given a raffle ticket. During the mix & mingle portion of the evening all the ladies got the chance to get to know the other ladies at their table. We talked about our journeys thus far, what made us decide to go natural and all that good stuff. We had to do all of that without saying the word "hair". Needless, to say that presented a great challenge for most of us lol. If anyone heard another lady say "hair" they were allowed to take that person's raffle ticket (I was on the prowl lol). That little ice breaker was a great way for us ladies to get to know one another and try to increase our chances at some really great prizes. There were goodies from Curls, Design Essentials,and Shea Moisture. Not to mention the complimentary products each participant received in her swag bag.


There was also a nice demonstration from the professionals at Design Essentials where we learned some great tips. For example, one thing I never realized was that moisture for the hair (which we know is essential) is best received from cream based products rather than hair grease because hair grease is silicone based and tends to sit on the scalp and hair rather than penetrating and actually moisturizing the scalp and hair. Another great tip was in regards to deep conditioning. Did you know that deep conditioning should be done at least every 2 weeks? According to the professionals, regular conditioning is equivalent to putting lotion on your face. It lasts for the moment but every once in a while you need a good facial to penetrate beneath the surface.

Overall I think the event was a success and I can't wait to attend the next one so big s/o to Jenell for putting it together. Here are a few more pics from the night....

some of my new "curlfriends" I had such a good time chatting with these ladies

Other guests focusing on the Design Essentials demo



Jenell & I glistening in sweat from all the humidity LOL

Don't miss the next Dinner w/ Curlfriends event...click HERE for more details

To learn more about Kinky Culry Coily Me check out the following links:

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Product Review: Kinky Curly Come Clean & Shea Moisture Purification Mask

Check out my latest Youtube video...

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Curly Nikki's 31 Days of Haute Hair

Hey beauties....

Y'all know how much I love a good giveaway!!! Well I just ram across this awesome giveaway from CurlyNikki 

31 days in May = 31 chances to WIN!!!! Make sure you enter EVERY DAY to increase your chances to win great prizes from some awesome natural haircare providers including:



So go on over to CurlyNikki.com for official contest rules & prizes

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hair Stories: Chasiti

Hair Stories: Chasiti 

This time around 9 months. The first time 1 year.

The first time I didn't use ANY natural hair care products. I barely touched my natural hair.  I keep it under half wigs b/c it was much harder than I had taught to press it every week.  Lack of knowledge on how specifically to care for it caused me to get a relaxer a year later.

Well, this not my first time being natural.  The first time I went natural I had been wanting locks since college, but I allowed my mother to talk me out of it.  Once I was married I asked my husband how he felt about natural hair and if he would be okay with me going natural.  He said he could care less how I wore my hair. It took me about 3 months of contemplating during that time I ran across a picture of me at about 8 years old.  I noticed how healthy, thick, and long my natural hair use to be and I woke up one morning and didn’t think about what I was about to do and just cut, cut, cut!  I hadn’t had a relaxer in about 3 months I had crochet braids.  I cut it to about 2 inches all over.  I then started wearing half-wigs pressing the front of my hair.  At that time I didn’t know anything about youtube videos or caring for my natural hair so after a year of  dealing with matted hair under half-wigs I went and got a relaxer.

Last year my best friend went natural after several trips to Africa.  She was on a crusade to get all her Black friends to go natural with her.  I told her that my hair was too hard to manage natural. She told me to use some natural hair care products.  I considered it, but was so uneducated about natural hair care products I decide it was just easier to relax my hair.  (See my mom never got a chance to teach me how to care for my hair in its natural state b/c by the time I was in Jr. High I had bugged her so much for a relaxer she finally let me have one.  So she taught me how to take care of that kind of hair.) I was watching the home shopping channel one day and the founder of Carol’s Daughter was on there with her lovely bouncy curls so I stopped and watched.  I was shocked at how many products there are on the market for natural hair and she was telling what each one was used for etc. etc. So I Googled Carol’s Daughter and all this natural hair care stuff came up and youtube videos too.  The first girl that caught my eye was Black Onyx I watched almost all of her videos I was up until about 2 in the morning.  Then I decide I was ready for my BC. 

My husband, best friend, and a few other ladies that are natural loved it, but my older family members really didn’t understand.

No not really Black Onyx was, but we don’t have the same hair type so I had to let go of doing styles like hers.
Neither time did I really have a true transition period I just didn't get a relaxer when it was time BOTH times, then I just cut it all off.  The only difference was the first time I decided to go natural I had crochet braids and cut my hair when it was time for the braids to come out and the second time I had a quick weave in and I said, "I'm not getting another relaxer" and I cut shorter this time. 

Personal mixture: Shea Butter, Tea Oil, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil and other oils (I have a recipe and don‘t have the book with me right now)
I wash my hair about every other week sometimes I go 2 weeks.  When I wash I use Carol’s Daughter shampoo or one of the VO5 smoothie shampoos. And I follow Black Onyx’s L.O.C. (Liquid, Oil, Cream) method. 


L.O.C. is something BlackOnyx came up with she described it as follows:
After you wash and condition your regular way, use a leave-in conditioner that's "L"- is liquid conditioner, then "O" is oil-ANY oil-use your hair's favorite (my hair sucks oil so I use one of my thicker oils, but my daughter has type 2 hair so olive oil does her just fine), "C"- is cream for some type of cream based hair product (I use my Shea Butter mixture)  

I shampoo, condition with Nexxus Humectress, but I condition for at least 20 minutes under a plastic bag/cap. After I condition I put in the thickest oil (I can‘t remember which one I got so many) and then I use my personal Shea Butter mixture. 
I use heavy Bee’s wax on my edges and sometimes on my whole head overnight for a hot oil treatment effect.


I know some people don't like the "hair typying" system, BUT I love it, so I use it!! I have type 3 hair (the absolute tightest curls Black people have) so my edges give me a hard time sometimes.  It is super hard at times to get my edges to lay down for me.  I was searching for some flaxseeds to make my own hair gel, but couldn't find anyone locally that sells the stuff I did find Bees Wax. 
On my type 3 hair I use HEAVY bees wax on my edges and for a DEEP hot oil treatment affect I will apply heavy Bees Wax and then place a plastic cap on my head and sleep with the plastic cap all night.  I LOVE this my hair LOVES this it is moisturized and managerable, BUT the thickness of the Bees Wax does leave a film on my hair so I usually wash it out in 2 weeks.  It is great if you want a formal look. Apply Bees Wax instead of setting lotion (like we do when we have relaxers) set on rods and under a dryer.  You will have beautiful FULL curls.
Now my daughter has type 2 hair (b/c of the French in her dad's family) and Bees Wax really helps manage her hair.  She is 7 and I have been teaching her to love her kinky hair, but she is affected by what she sees on the Disney channel LOL. So I was searching for a way to show her that she can style her hair and look just like the girls on t.v. without adding chemicals.  One day I just tried the Bees Wax on her hair.  I greased her scalp with Blue Magic then I flat ironed her whole head and bumped the ends using a little of the Bees Wax.  Her hair kept that style for 2 weeks with no problem.  Her edges love the Bees Wax too. 

There is nothing I love more than the BIG afros free and wild.

That it is mine from God and I must love it no matter the style. Some women don’t have a choice of natural or relaxed b/c they are bald so I just try to remember to be grateful I have a choice.
Versatility, hands down  Other women are beautiful, but Black women we are the true BLESSED ones we can wear our hair HOWEVER day-to-day. I love that WE set the trend. Who was wearing weave before us…NOBODY…now every White, Brown, and in between girl wears some form of weave. BUT they CAN’T rock afro I LOVE IT!!

It is time consuming!
 Deciding what to do next b/c there are TOO many choices.  I can watch a movie and see a woman with a weave that is banging and want to rock that then the next day I can go to Wal*mart and see a natural sista and want to take out my expensive weave the NEXT day…and around and around it goes

Shea Butter
Nexxus Humectress
Bee Wax

If you are thinking about it just try it you might be surprised. For some people it is a deep freeing feeling. I personally don’t take my hair that seriously, but to each her own.  If your hair is breaking off with the relaxer this is a great way to get it healthy again.  Just try it you can always go back to relaxing!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Hey Beauties,

It seems that everywhere I turn I'm seeing yet ANOTHER meet up of some sort for us kinky, curly, coily chicas. If you're anything like me you want to go to them ALL!!!!!!! I'll be honest, I have yet to attend any of the meet-ups in my area and that makes me sad (lol). I always intend on going and then something always inevitably comes up. It's like WHAT IS THE DEAL??? I just want to mix & mingle with some other beautiful naturalistas, admire their hair, swap regimens, learn about new products and WIN PRIZES!!!!

Well I am determined to do just that in the next few months. I mean there are just way too many good events  coming up for me not to attend at least ONE. Hopefully I can rally together a group of fellow naturalistas and make it a Girls Day/Night Out type of thing. Anyway, check out these upcoming events:

Spring is in the HAIR: "National Natural Hair Meetup Day" Meet-Up from 

Tribe Called Curl

Date: Saturday, May 19, 2012
Place: 249 4th Avenue (Brooklyn, NY)
Time: 4pm-7pm
Price: FREE

Show Up Show Out 2012

Date: July 28, 2012
Place: Malcolm X and Dr. Betty Shabbazz Memorial Center
3940 Broadway (Harlem, NY)
Time: 7pm-12am
Price: $55 ($65 after May 1st & $70 @ the door)

2nd Annual Natural's Night Out

2nd Annual Natural's Night Out

Date: Sunday, June 10, 2012
Place: Midtown Loft & Terrace 267 Fifth Avenue (New York, NY)
Time: 12pm-8pm
Price: $20 (sale ends June 8th)

I hope to see you there!!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

StrawBerriCurls Presents 20 DAYS OF GIVEAWAYS

Who loves free stuff??? WE ALL DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I just found out about a new giveaway from StrawberriCurls. The giveaway started on April 8th but there's still time to enter & WIN!!!! All you have to do is subscribe to the StrawberriCurls youtube channel and you're entered to win...simple right. So what are you waiting for???

Check out the official give away video here

And to see all of the fabulous prizes be sure to check out the StrawberriCurls Facebook Fan Page every day

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO: Hair of the Day (Easter Sunday)

Hey Ladies...

I posted a new video on my youtube channel (Naturally Kira). Just a simple style I did for Easter Sunday consisting of flat twists and bantu knots. SO go check it out & be sure to rate, comment, and SUBSCRIBE to the channel.

Thanks Loves!!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Hey beauties,

Spring is officially here and I don't know about you but I sure am glad about it.

Warm weather, longer hours of sunlight, open toe shoes, cute skirts & dresses and WILD UNRESTRAINED HAIR!!!!!!!!!

I mean what better time of year to let your hair free. It's not too hot so you don't mind having hair on your neck and you don't necessarily have to worry about the sometimes dreaded "battle of the poof"...you know when the weather is so hot or so humid that your hair ends up looking like one massive ball of fuzz atop your head. And it's not too cold so you don't have to worry about too many protective styles to protect your hair from winter's chill.

But I digress....(I tend to do that a lot)

Anyway, I just found out about a photo shoot opportunity for all you curly cuties in the DMV (D.C., Maryland, Virginia) sporting a TWA (teeny weeny afro). According to fellow blogger & youtuber Mae aka NaturalChica, N Natural hair Studio, an up & coming hair salon in Silver Spring, MD is looking for one lucky chica w/ a fabulous TWA to model in an upcoming photo shoot.

The rules are very simple:
1) Follow @NHairStudio on Twitter
2) Tweet About the Giveaway
3) "Like" N Natural Hair Studio on Facebook
4) Leave "I am N" comment on N Natural Hair Studio FB Page

For more details and official contest rules click the link GOOD LUCK BEAUTIES!!!!!!!!!!!

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to any of the above pictures

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hair Stories: Stephanie

Hair Stories: Stephanie

First of all thank you so much for agreeing to share your journey with us. I always find it so refreshing to listen to naturalistas recount their personal journey. So here we go....

How long have you been natural/transitioning?
I have been natural for almost one whole year!

What/who influenced you to start this journey? 
Honestly I was sick of feeling invisible. People would refer to me as my hair and it was as if I didn’t exist. First thing people would say to me was not “good morning,” or “How are you feeling,” but “ what did you do to your hair, “.”Oh My Gosh you cut it? Whyyy?  And the infamous “I see that new growth coming in, you should mosey on over to those Dominicans and get that perm and wash and set (35-40$)!”  I was really tired of hating my hair and myself for doing this to my hair. I wanted to get rid of the pressure from others to gain what they deemed “hang time” or  “That good hair,” One day I saw Stacy Smith going through her transition and finally doing the BC and I was inspired. Her hair was beautiful not because it represented all the cute styles she could do with it, but that she was strong enough to break free from the norm and become an individual. I wanted to break free too. I wanted to feel beautiful!

Have you done a BC (big chop)? 
Yes I big chopped April 30th 2011

How did people respond to you afterwards? 
After I BC’d  I remember walking into my house with two strand twist and my mother looking at me like I dyed my hair periwinkle. She wasn’t used to how short it was because she too thought long, straight, relaxed hair was what made you beautiful. But I kid you not, it took her one day to get over it. Once she saw how the two strand twist out could make natural hair even more beautiful, she wanted to be involved in my journey. I “almost” cried when she started helping me take the twist out. And I know it seems like a pretty small deal that she helped me take them out, but to me it represented acceptance and a new outlook on what beauty was.

What was your transitioning period like? What kinds of styles did you wear?
Oh goodness my transition period started out terribly. I honestly didn’t know what to do with my hair for the first couple of months. So I started out wearing the fake buns while having my hair braided and I will admit looking back at the pictures I have of that, I can admit those were my rough transition days. It wasn’t until I got a hold of the blogs and YouTube videos that I got better at rocking transition styles. So I purchased a phony puffy pony and wore that for a really long time. It was easier for me to use that because that is how I envisioned my natural hair in the future, so I didn’t realize I was wearing it for that long. While wearing it I would try flat twist styles and high buns, things like that. I had so much fun with it. My least favorite part was washing my transitioning hair. I absolutely dreaded seeing the stringy ends and new growth coexist like buddies. I had this itch every time I saw them together to end their friendship, but I knew that if I did I would 1) end up snipping myself all the way back to month zero of my transition and 2) hate myself for it afterwards.  

LOL I know so many transitioning naturalistas who can attest to that very feeling. Tell us, what does your haircare regimen currently consist of
So I wash my hair every week or so with the shea moisture line! and co wash and deep condition once a week with my two favorite conditioners that I alternate between: Suave Naturals and Shea moisture Restorative conditioner.  I’ll apply my leave in conditioner and follow with shea butter. I usually put my hair in two strand twist and maintain a twist out for the week, while every night putting in big twists and a bonnet, then waking up and applying olive oil to my scalp and go! 

That sounds simple enough!!! What have you learned about your hair so far on this journey?
I’ve learned that my hair is comprised of a variety of textures, which I was never aware of. I also learned that IT IS BEAUTIFUL!. The way it kinks, curls, twirls or shrinks is something that makes it unique and that is fine by me!

What do you love most about your hair? 
I love that my hair surprises me everyday. A style that I may picture my hair looking like will ALWAYS be the opposite. It’s as if its extremely independent and will do what it wants and that usually brings effortless versatility for me. I can do the same style over and over and get extremely different results each time. Also contrary to what others may feel, shrinkage is also growing on me. I actually think it shapes my style and gives my hair a more round look *shrugs*

LOL I love the confidence you seem to have. What do you like the least about your hair?
My hair can be unruly at times, and there are days when it just won’t cooperate. I kind of don’t like the way it reacts when I try to slick it back with gel. It kind of just eats up all the gel and pops back up. It also has those “Sahara desert days” where it gets really dry and nothing I do can rejuvenate it. That’s when I know its time for a deep conditioner.

Have you faced any challenges with your hair? 
I remember around the time when I BC’d I was expecting my hair to curl up with the styling products that I bought and it literally just made my hair look like a hunk of lifeless protein. So obviously I wasn’t such a happy girl scout! I learned that I had to be patient with my hair because it was not used to the products and that’s why it didn’t respond accordingly. So after 2 1/2 weeks of moisturizing, and co-washing, my curl pattern finally came in!

If you could use one word to describe your hair what would it be? 

Independent? That’s a new one for me, care to explain?
it basically does what it wants. When I use gels it just pops back up...or when I mean for it to look a certain way in a twist out, it shocks me by looking another way. Maybe unpredictable is a better word…no nvm i like independent lol

LOL, what  are 3 hair care products you can’t live without?  
My shea moisture products! (they’re a system so technically they count as one haha) Shea Butter, and Eco-Styler Gel

What’s the best advice you could give aspiring naturalistas? 
I would say make sure you are prepared to embark on the natural hair journey before you actually go through with it. It’s very much an enjoyable experience, but then again one that can have its obstacles. There are days where you will love your hair when it does what you command it to do and there are days where you won’t like it very much, but the good outweighs the bad. Make sure that you do what works for you, and not what works for someone else. The whole point of this journey is developing a uniqueness that sets you a part.  Don’t be afraid to try new things whether it be products or even hairstyles. Your hair just may surprise you with what it can do! And last but not lease LOVE YOUR HAIR FOR WHAT IT IS. We all want the wet, shake and go hair, but the truth is we don’t all have that. But just know that whatever texture, size, or shape your hair may be, it’s just as beautiful!

Anything else we should know about you?
I’m going to use this question to add a fourth product that I love “Suave Naturals!!!

LOL thanks so much for sharing your story with us Stephanie!!!!