Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Love & Natural Hair

So I'm sitting here catching up on all my favorite blogs and I came across a very interesting post on curlynikki.com. The title was:

Whoa!!! With a title like that I had to read this post and see what it was all about. Then I got to thinking....is it ever that serious??? Do some relationships seriously END b/c of a woman's choice to wear her hair in it's natural state??? I for one cannot imagine having a conversation like that w/ my man. My hair is beautiful whether it's straight, kinky, curly, short or long. I am not defined by the hair on my head and for a man to insist otherwise is upsetting. If you can't see past the way I choose to wear my hair then boo you are NOT the  one for me *said with MUCH attitude*

What do you ladies think...has your significant other ever threatened to end things if you didn't change your hair? 
If you were asked to change your hair, would you?
What would you say?
How would you feel?
Let's talk about it!!!

(photo used courtesy of google.com taken from naturalselectionblog.com)

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