Wednesday, September 14, 2011

MEETUP!!!!!!!! A naturalista's dream

Hey Ladies,

So I've heard from several transitioners that the process of going from a relaxer to your natural texture is HARD!!!!!!! Several women subscribe to youtube channels, "like" certain facebook pages and follow VARIOUS blogs (including this one lol). While all of that is good and is definitely helpful in navigating the journey back to natural sometimes the ride is a little easier when done with those we know (or live nearby).

Many chicas I know are now partnering up with friends and other like-minded ladies for much needed moral and emotional (YES emotional lol) support. For most women, the hair is our CROWN & GLORY. So when you transition from one texture to another, sometimes you're stuck and have no clue what to do, where to go, who to talk to. Ladies are now taking the plunge together, doing BC's (big chops), sharing product and styling tips, or simply giving an encouraging word "You can do it girl!!!!"

While we love facebook, blogs and youtube, there's nothing quite like meeting up with fellow naturalistas  and sharing stories, advice, products and SUPPORT. Recently, I've joined the site which connects you with naturalistas in your area. Chicas plan events, forums, and mini-excursions with other naturalistas and have a blast!!!! I am so excited to be attending my very first meetup here in NYC with the ladies from Darker Than Brown this Saturday. I'm sure this will be an experience to remember and I can't wait to come back and report to you all about how it went.

So join today and start connecting with naturalistas all over the world. 

Ciao bellas!!!

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