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Lately a good number of people have come to me and expressed interest in starting on this journey to natural hair. The most common question I hear is "What do I do with my hair???" So many chicas find it difficult and FRUSTRATING to transition and most do NOT want to chop it all off (totally understandable). I won't lie, transitioning from relaxed to natural hair can be a daunting and emotional process but trust me when I tell you that the end result is soooooooooo worth it.

So here are a few transitioning styles you can try:

keeping the hair braided, whether in cornrows or box braids, your own hair or added hair, promotes growth. Braids gives your hair a chance to rest from the stress of styling with combs, brushes and other styling aids for a significant period of time


similar to braids, twists are also considered a protective style and can promote hair growth, however they normally do not last as long as braids. Twists come in many forms: two strand, kinky, flat twists, Senegalese, corkscrews etc... and can be achieved with your own hair or with added hair

Braid Outs/Twist Outs/Bantu Knot Outs

Braid Outs and twist outs are simply when you braid/twist the hair (whether single braids/twists or conrows/flat twists) leave them in to set (preferably overnight) and loose them to create a curl pattern. Bantu knots are constructed differently but produce similar results. Bantu knots are made by taking sections of the hair and tightly wrapping it around itself until a "knot" is formed. Each of these styles helps to "disguise" the new growth (lol). As a transitioner it can be difficult to deal with two hair textures. Any of these styles helps the new growth to blend in a little better with the relaxed hair

Weaves & Wigs
now I am not personally a fan of weaves for transitioners but I do understand that this is a process and for some, a weave is the easiest option. Weaves and wigs have come a lonnnnnng way so there are plenty of options in regards to style, length, texture and color. Wearing wigs and weaves also gives your hair a rest from styling and can promote growth

With any of these styles it is important to get to know YOUR HAIR and what works for you!!! So have fun with it and whatever you do....WORK IT BOO!!!

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