Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hair Stories: Shannon

Hair Stories: Shannon

How long have you been natural/transitioning?
I have been transitioning for 9 months

What or who influenced you to make the transition? 
I would have to say you (Kira) put the thought in my mind and my friend Anissa encouraged it along with my other girls. Ultimately I was tired of relaxing my hair, I really admired the natural look and wanted to see what my hair would be like in its natural state.

Have you done a BC?
No not yet....October 10th

Why October 10th? What makes that date so special?
 I want to give my hair time to grow and October 10th is a special person's birthday so I know I can keep the date

How would you describe your hair?
OMG!! My hair is super duper soft with a hint of thickness, I don't know my curl pattern yet but I know I will love it!!!

An one what one word would you use to describe your hair?

Nice!!! So what does your hair care regimen consist of?
 well I shampoo once a week sometimes twice and I also co-wash my hair once a week especially if I only shampooed once for that week, I use Wen conditioning cleanser shampoo and sometimes I use Pantene curly series and for my conditioner I mainly use Wen deep conditioner with motions leave in conditioner, I also use shea cantu and isoplus tea tree and aloe conditioner for my scalp.

If you could give any advice to aspiring naturalistas what would it be ?
HAVE PATIENCE PATIENCE AND PATIENCE!!! it is so hard at times not to be like heck where’s that no-lye relaxer at but it’s worth it as your hair begins to grow &change textures etc. you begin to adapt to it and also I see it as looking deep within thing because transitioning isn't always a walk in the park you really have some bad days where it seems like nothing is working but you have to make it work, it is then when you find that inner beauty while finding out what works better for you!!

What do you love most about your hair?
I would have to say the texture! =)

Give us 3 hair care products you can’t live without?
Eco style gel, tea tree & aloe conditioner & I think that's it it’s not three but hey lol! =)

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