Friday, June 17, 2011


Hola Chicas and WELCOME to the new and improved home of Naturally Yours!!! For those who don't know me I'm Kira a 28 year old fun loving dedicated naturalista from NYC. 

Just a little bit about me and this journey I’ve been on…. I had my last perm February 2004 and in April of the same year I decided that I no longer wanted to perm my hair so I began the transition. At first I would keep my hair braided or twisted b/c the two textures were NOT cute lol and aside from that I really didn’t know how to manage or style my hair w/o a perm. I did that for about a year or so. Finally, in November 2005 my godsister (my 1st natural hair stylist) began to maintain my hair w/ braids (my own hair) and some pressing, and eventually began to gradually cut the perm out.

Once she moved away I went back to braids and twists because I still did not know how to do my own hair. Although I have always loved the texture of my hair it was not until around 2008 that I fully embraced this new style and began to become more versatile with it.

Now, you can see me rocking everything from a puf, to two strand twists, to a press out. I LOVE MY HAIR and it is my hopes that through this blog we can chop it up, share hair care regimens and products and grow together as the true naturalistas we are.

Naturally Yours,

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