Saturday, June 18, 2011

Protective Styling

Hey's a quick tutorial of a protective style I've done

1. Part your hair into three sections (2 in the front & 1 in the back) 

2. starting from the back part a small section and begin twisting

3. if you have a lot of hair like me you may want to part the middle section into 3 or 4 small sections to make it easier (parts do not need to be perfect)

4. twist hair one section at a time until you have completed the entire middle section

5. begin parting the front section on an angle and twist

6. continue twisting until entire section is complete

7. repeat on the other side until flat twists are complete
I redid the flat twists tonight because they were a little fuzzy since I didn't use any product on them initially....

Finished Product (day 2)
(I have a big forehead LMBO)

Products used:

Isoplus Natural Remedy Tea Tree & Aloe conditioner (for the scalp)

Oyin Handmade whipped pudding (for the 2 strand twists)

Organic Root Stimulator Lock & Twist Gel (for the flat twists)

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